16 April 2014

So, this post is mostly for personal documenting purposes.

I usually claim to have lucid dreamt one time before this…but now that I know I just had a lucid dream, I’m not so sure.

The earliest part of the three dreams I remember, I was looking out the French doors in my house behind the balcony, below there was a man with a branch and several large brown owl-ish birds on him and the piece of wood. I felt uneasy that he was standing in our courtyard, but I thought the birds were cool so I thought maybe I should go outside and say something, at least hello.

So I moved my face down the French door windows, almost dragging my face across the glass. When I was about to go outside, it started raining pretty hard.

I went outside and I couldn’t see the man anywhere, I heard someone running but I was positive it was something else. Here I’m a little confused, but somehow I was swept up in the rain and wind like a balloon. Like I would die. I don’t really remember the rest.

-I’m going to try and maybe nap a little longer because even though I’m scared, I’m also really really tired. The two other dreams have to do with water/flood and my home (again) and mom. I’ll continue a little later, and wish me luck with sleeping!




Rebloging just to fuck with everyone who looks at my blog on their laptop

this fucked with me

I almost started crying bc i thought my computer broke


The Golden Gate by Dave Cleaveland
10 April 2014

I get really depressed when I realize how many people in this country harbor so much hatred for recent immigrants and homosexuality

like really, no wonder so many people get heart attacks. That was a bad thought, but it happened. It just seems really uncool to be sooo hateful over things that really if anything either don’t really affect you…or actually help you and your country financially.

Also, I made a fabulous dinner, it’s almost 12:30am and no one has come home to eat with me, so I’ll just leave it there and head to bed b/c idgaf

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